Premium Looped End Wet Mop Head Kit

Product Details

  • Wet Floor Mop is Hand Sewn in the USA with High Quality, Custom 4-Ply Synthetic Blend Yarn; Looped End Construction Virtually Eliminates Lint, Untwisting, and Fraying
  • Best Mop on all Commercial and Residential Surfaces; Heavy Duty Multiple-Stitched Fan-band Prevents Tangles, Extends Mop Life, and Improves Performance and Launderability.
  • Flip Grip Clamp allows Wet Mop Heads to Quickly and Easily be Discarded and Changed.
  • Aluminum Mop Handle Telescopes Ranging from 42" to 72" Long; Allowing it to Reach Under Objects or Adjust to Various User Heights
  • 1 Year Warranty on Handle

Floor Mop Care

Your wet mop will have a long service life if you follow these simple instructions. The floor mop will not need to be washed after every use. If used lightly simply rinse in clean water and let air dry. For heavily soiled mops follow the instructions below. WARNING - DO NOT USE BLEACH OR FABRIC SOFTNERS.

1 – Place wet mop in a laundry net and machine wash with regular detergent in warm water. Cold water rinse.

2 – Air drying is recommended however machine drying is acceptable on low heat. Leave the floor mop in the laundry net if machine drying. WARNING – EXCESSIVE HEAT AND OVER DRYING WILL CAUSE DETERIORATION.